Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Get Your Copy Now!

Murder of a Beauty Shop Queen: A Dan Rhodes Mystery (Sheriff Dan Rhodes Mysteries)
Signed copies available from Murder by the Book, and I'll be there this Saturday at 4:30 to sign in person.  Drop by if you're in town.

Murder of a Beauty Shop Queen: A Dan Rhodes Mystery (Sheriff Dan Rhodes Mysteries): Bill Crider: Kindle Store: Dan Rhodes, sheriff of Blacklin County, Texas, is called to the Beauty Shack, where the young and pretty Lynn Ashton has been found dead, bashed over the head with a hairdryer. The owner said Lynn had gone to the salon late to meet an unknown client. There was a lot of gossip going on about Lynn before her death, but no one seems to really know much about her, or they’re not telling Rhodes.  
Lynn was known to flirt, and it’s possible an angry wife or jilted lover had something to do with her death. The salon owner suspects two outsiders who have been staying in an abandoned building across the street. While he investigates the murder, Rhodes must also deal with the theft of copper and car batteries, not to mention a pregnant nanny goat that is terrorizing the town. 

 Murder of a Beauty Shop Queen is a wonderful entry in this always delightful series by award-winning author Bill Crider.


Rick said...

Received it from Amazon last night when I got home.

I'm about fifty pages in.
Fun, atmospheric, and charming--as always, Bill.

Unknown said...

Thanks, Rick!