Saturday, August 25, 2012

Free for Kindle -- 3 Days Only!

A Box of PandorasA Box of Pandoras: Steve Brewer: Kindle Store: A BOX OF PANDORAS is a hilarious new mystery from veteran author Steve Brewer, introducing small-town busybody Loretta Kimball. 

 When Loretta learns her favorite actor is coming to New Mexico for a film festival, she couldn't be more excited. Loretta's claim to fame is that she's the long-time president of the International Michael Girard Fan Club, and she never passes up a chance to see Mr. Girard in person. 

 The festival is in trendy Santa Fe, which is practically a different planet from rural New Mexico towns like Pandora, where Loretta lives, so she expects a certain amount of weirdness when she and her husband, Harley, attend. And she is determined not to let her lifelong nemesis, Mitzi Tyner, ruin the festival for her. 

Then murder strikes the film festival, and suspicion is cast upon Mr. Girard. Loretta is thrown into the midst of a media circus while she snoops around, endangering her own life while trying to uncover the killer.

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OK - now you're talking. Can't pass this one up.