Friday, March 02, 2012

Yet People Say Romance is Dead

Alleged Robber Calls Victim For A Date

Hat tip to Jeff Segal.


Rick said...

A friend of mine in the late 1960s was kidnapped off the street in front of her apartment house in Hollywood by three gang members. They held her for two days. The ringleader raped her multiple times,

When the other two started making moves on her too, she played up to the ringleader who protected her from the other two. He eventually released her where she had been abducted.

When he did, he asked her out...

Deb said...

In the mid-80s there was a movie called "Thief of Hearts" where a burglar steals a woman's diary and, after reading them, decides to make a play for her by pretending to like all the things he knows she likes from reading her diary. The woman never connects the loss of her diary with this new man who knows everything about her. What Roger Ebert would call an "idiot plot," because for the story to work everyone involved has to be an idiot.