Thursday, March 01, 2012

F W Media Launches E-Book-Only Imprint to Publish Out-of-Print Pulp Novels

F W Media Launches E-Book-Only Imprint to Publish Out-of-Print Pulp Novels | Digital Book World: March 1, 2012– F+W Media announced today the acquisition of more than 250 out-of-print novels, spanning 1940-1970, to be reissued as e-books under the imprint, Prologue Books. These hard-boiled crime novels, written by legends like Peter Rabe and William Campbell Gault, served as inspiration for contemporary crime fiction. Before, these old paperbacks could only be found at book fairs and used book stores, but now, they will be available to anyone with an e-reader.

“I envision Prologue Books not simply an e-book publisher for out-of-print titles, but as a living record of the crime, science fiction, and fantasy genres,” said Ben LeRoy, publisher of Tyrus Books who is spearheading the project. “There’s a great opportunity to shine the spotlight on authors who may have been significantly influential on the current state of publishing, but who have never really received their due for one reason or another. With the help of luminaries in the genres—authors, readers, reviewers—we are excited to find and share those stories.”

“I love and collect vintage paperbacks, so you’d think the concept of e-books would have no appeal for someone like me,” said pulp novelist, Christa Faust. “But the way I see it, having reading copies of these classic titles available in digital format is not only a great way to attract new readers, it also helps to preserve existing paper editions that are too fragile to be thumbed through. It’s old-school pulp for a new generation. A brilliant idea that’s long overdue.”


George said...

I'd be interested in this.

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I for one do not welcome the rise of our new e-book overlords.

E-books said...

Such publishers may seriously enhance the amount of available fiction, or they may ask for upfront fees from the writer, akin to the many Vanity presses that will publish one’s book for a price. Usually advertisement is left up to the author.