Thursday, March 01, 2012

Say It Ain't So!

As Ronnie I’s Closes, Sounds of Doo-Wop Fade Away - The end is near for Ronnie I’s Clifton Music after 40 years on Main Avenue — yet another victim of the Internet, the economy, and changing tastes in music and shopping.

But this time it is not just a store that is dying, four years after its founder did, but perhaps a whole genre of music as well. For the aging fans of the group harmony of the Harptones and the Heartbeats, the Orioles and the Ravens, the Five Keys and the Five Satins, the passing of Clifton Music is a reminder that rock ’n’ roll may never die, but one hyperbolic sect, the fading kingdom of doo-wop, just might.


Anonymous said...

Not as long as those of us who remember it are still alive & kicking. We have our tickets to this years Ultimate Doo-Wop concert at the Beacon on June 23 so it's not dead yet!


Cap'n Bob said...

As long as I'm around, doo-wop won't be forgotten.