Monday, November 21, 2011

FTL Update

Study rejects ‘faster than light’ particle finding | The Raw Story: An international team of scientists in Italy studying the same neutrino particles colleagues say appear to have travelled faster than light rejected the startling finding this weekend, saying their tests had shown it must be wrong.

The September announcement of the finding, backed up last week after new studies, caused a furor in the scientific world as it seemed to suggest Albert Einstein’s ideas on relativity, and much of modern physics, were based on a mistaken premise.


Anonymous said...

This business has already generated jokes - or at least a joke - told to me the other day by a golfing buddy:

"The bartender said, 'Get the hell out, we don't serve Faster-Than-Light Particles here!'

A neutrino walked into a bar."

I have some nerdish friends . . .

Art Scott

Bill Crider said...

Now they'll have to come up with a new joke.

Anonymous said...

Ok, then, how about this version (which makes more sense anyway -- as if any of this stuff makes sense):

"The bartender at the Faster-Than- Light Lounge said, 'Get the hell out, we don't serve your kind in here!'

A neutrino walked into a bar."

So, what are my prospects for a career in standup?


Bill Crider said...

Do they have nightclubs for intellectuals?