Thursday, November 24, 2011

Forgotten Music

Well, sometimes we forget to be thankful for the music.

Top 10 Pop Songs For Thanksgiving: When people think of songs for Thanksgiving, it is mostly just children's songs or hymns that come to mind. However, there are great pop songs that celebrate giving thanks in various ways. This is a list of 10 of the best.

Here's one of them.


Deb said...

First two that jumped into my mind:

"Thank You, Girl" - The Beatles

"Thank You for Letting Me Be Myself Again" (I realize that's not the way it was spelled on the record) - Sly & the Family Stone

Benjie said...

We can also say, "Thank you for the 70s hair, and glittery unitard suits."

Here's another:

Anders Engwall said...

Two others:

"Thank You" - The Remains

"Now Be Thankful" - Fairport Convention

Anders Engwall said...

This may be overdoing it, though: