Friday, October 07, 2011

Will the Persecution Never End?

100 dollar note from Paris is ripped apart: After finding herself at the receiving end of Paris Hilton's stroke of generosity last Sunday, this beggar woman, tragically, has not even a penny to show for it.

Ishika's windfall moment came on Sunday evening, when the visiting heiress spotted her, and magnanimously handed over a $100 bill to her -- a bill that could have brought the poor woman many an elusive joy. When her relatives began assaulting her to rob her of her gift, Ishika's brother-in-law tore the note to shreds. And thus was Ishika's fairy tale cut short by the sordid, grinding realities of existence.

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Gerard said...

Maybe there is more than one Goregaon
but that may be the area my Rotary Club raised about $8k for a project to grant hardy milk cows to residents.