Saturday, October 08, 2011

Bouchercon? What’s That?

Bouchercon? What’s That? | Kings River Life Magazine

Includes a couple of photos you may recognize.


Cap'n Bob said...

Who said "camera whore" out loud? Not me. Despite what the writer sais, the purpose of B'con was to allow fans and writers to meet and mingle. That idea was lost over the years, but it was the idea behind the original con.

Kelly Robinson said...

I have a treasured old copy of Rocket to the Morgue. That may be the closest I'll get to Bouchercon, but I'd love to go.

Anonymous said...

"The purpose is to introduce both new and established writers..." That seems to be the purpose these days, but it used to be a much less blatantly commercial event, like the Cap'n says.

"Cleveland will be the host the fourteenth Bouchercon in 2012." What were those other 20-odd events I attended? This woman must have trouble with Roman numerals as well as proofreading (Cleveland will be no. 43).

Art Scott

Anonymous said...

You see him here, you see him there, you see that Crider guy everywhere.