Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Top 10 Songs About Money

Top 10 Songs About Money


Snidely Whiplash said...

What an awful useless list: missing
Money by The Beatles
It's Money That I Love by Randy Newman
If You've Got The Money By Lefty Frizzell (not sure of the spelling, even though we're related)

Unknown said...

Wow, you're related to Lefty Frizzell? He was from Corsicana, Texas, where I taught for a couple of years.

Snidely Whiplash said...

I told you once before last year, when you first honored me by putting up my blog

Brent McKee said...

No mention either of "For The Love Of Money" by The O'Jays which is used (or more accurately ab-used) as the theme of The Apprentice. But maybe that association was why they dismissed it. Still it summed up the situation in two line:

Some people got to have it,
Some people really need it.

(I'm the latter by the way.)