Wednesday, October 05, 2011

America's Favorite Casual Restaurant Chains

America's Favorite Casual Restaurant Chains

Hat tip to Jeff Meyerson.


Richard R. said...

Never heard of Carrabba's or Texas Warehouse, must not be on the left coast.

Brent McKee said...

Most of those places aren't available here. Some aren't in Canada while others just aren't in Saskatoon - Olive Garden started building here then declared that at 225,000 we weren't big enough for one of their restaurants.

Of the three that are here, I quite like Chili's, like Red Lobster though no one else in my family does, and really haven't had a good Denny's experience ever.

Bill Crider said...

Some of those places aren't in Texas, either, and some of those that are aren't in this area.