Sunday, October 30, 2011

Life Itself -- Roger Ebert

Roger Ebert's memoir is great reading. I especially liked the chapters on his growing-up years since he and I are almost the same age. We grew up a thousand miles apart and in very different environments, but we experienced many of the same things.

The chapter on books and reading is one that a lot of followers of this blog can identify with. Here's one line: "I cannot throw out books." Here's another: "I remember where I found every one." And another: "They pour from shelves onto tables, chairs, and the floor, and Chaz observes that I haven't read many of them and I never will. You just never know." If you don't read the rest of the book, you really should read this chapter.

Not that the others aren't equally well done. The chapters on actors and directors are fascinating, and the ones of Ebert's illnesses and current situation will leave you amazed at Ebert's courage. Check it out.


Kelly Robinson said...

The New York Times did a fantastic story that talked a lot about his relationship with food --he cooks for people, though he can no longer eat real food. HE describes food beautifully, in a way that I think only a person who can no longer have food could describe it. I'll be looking for this.

Richard R. said...

I'm planning to get this from the library when they get it in.