Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Whatever Happened to the Harry Potter Readers?

AbeBooks: Whatever Happened to the Harry Potter Readers?: AbeBooks analyzed the subsequent purchases of customers who bought Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows from our site and this rather eclectic list of 30 books reflects the most popular post-Potter reading. We expected to see Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight books, Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games trilogy and perhaps some magical-themed literature but our guesses were wildly off target.

My comment would be that people who bought the books didn't necessarily read them. I suspect that many of them were people who bought them for their kids. A very unscientific survey.


froggy said...

*If you were a Harry Potter fan, tell us what you turned to after the series ended.*

For whatever reason the Harry Potter series is unique. It is my 'go-to' book for tutoring. Don't pick out a book? Well, then Mrs.F is going to read you Harry Potter. You can get all sorts of lesson plans out of them.

Dan_Luft said...

When a book is that huge it cuts across so many readerships. Everyone my age had a vinyl copy of Boston's first album whether it matched the sound of the rest of the collection or not. Some of us couldn't remember how it got there.

And since these Harry Potters were online purchases they were all made with credit cards -- so that means the middle schoolers purchased it on a parents' accounts.