Friday, October 14, 2011

Forgotten Books: Hunter and Hunted -- Fredric Brown

Some of you may recall that this volume was introduced at the Bouchercon in Austin in 2002. It comes in a nice slipcase, and it contains the first four Ed and Am Hunter mysteries by Fredric Brown: The Fabulous Clipjoint, The Dead Ringer, The Bloody Moonlight, and Compliments of a Fiend.

The good news was that this was merely volume 1. Volume 2 would supposedly continue the reprints, but the bad news is that as far as I know, it never appeared. Maybe this volume didn't sell well enough. It's still available, however, and maybe if it ever sells out the printing, Volume 2 will appear. Or not.

At any rate, this is a handsome volume that I'm happy to have on my shelves. If you want some good reading at a decent price, look around for this on Amazon. You can't go wrong with Fredric Brown.


George said...

I love HUNTER AND HUNTED. And, like you, I've been waiting for Volume Two to show up. It's been a long wait.

Scott Cupp said...

I got this one there also (but without the slipcase). I was awaiting volume 2 because it had novels that I do not currently own but have read,