Saturday, October 15, 2011

10 Reasons Why Football is More Popular Than Baseball

10 Reasons Why Football is More Popular Than Baseball


Les Edgerton said...

There's another reason football is more popular. It fits the TV screen better with both its rectangular field and also since all the participants can be captured in a single frame when they line up. TV has also adopted far more cameras than baseball has to follow individual action, such as a receiver flying downfield. Sports that fit the TV "eye" such as football and basketball (both rectangles) in a television age are at a huge disadvantage over baseball where the primary shot shows three people only--pitcher, catcher and batter. Much of what's going on in a game isn't seen by the camera which is a big reason people prefer to go to a game in person. It's a TV age--anything that's kind to the camera is going to dominate.

Cap'n Bob said...

Since I do have an attention span, I have no trouble enjoying a baseball game. And with all the reviews done after each play, football isn't much faster than baseball anymore. I'll concede the cheerleaders.