Friday, October 14, 2011

The 10 Most Incredible Interviews in TV History

The 10 Most Incredible Interviews in TV History


Bud said...

For me it's easy. The most incredible, astounding and affecting interviews I ever saw or heard were the interviews conducted by James Day on KQED-TV in San Francisco in 1963 with Eric Hoffer, the "longshoreman philosopher". Hoffer's writing is regrettably mostly unknown nowadays, but what a gigantic personality he was and how powerful his writing is!

wstroby said...

I would have included Dennis Potter on the South Bank Show in 1994, shortly before his death, sipping liquid morphine for pain and blasting Rupert Murdoch for his "pollution of the British press."

Anonymous said...

Yet another list for people who know nothing of "TV history" other than the obvious and the new.

Michael Jackson? Oprah? More Michael Jackson? Give me a break.

Why didn't they include 10 Michael Jackson interviews?


Cap'n Bob said...

Nothing with Dick Cavett? Pfui!