Friday, September 23, 2011

Once Again, Texas Leads the Way

Jay T. Kimbrough, Texas A&M University Deputy Chancellor Gets Fired, Then Pulls Out A Knife: A longtime adviser to Gov. Rick Perry, upset over his abrupt firing at a Texas university, admitted Thursday he told staff he would surrender his office keys only if "anyone is man enough to take them" – all while brandishing a pocketknife in what police called a "nonthreatening" way.

Jay Kimbrough didn't deny the confrontation detailed in a Texas A&M University police report, which includes the 64-year-old telling a school attorney to "bring it on." He was escorted off campus and quoted an Army war hero – "I shall return!" – before riding off on his motorcycle.


Anonymous said...

Disappointing - I was hoping he pulled the knife on Rick Perry. I'd have paid to see that fight.


Mark Troy said...

It's a proud day in Aggieland.

Gerard said...

The Aggie office staff tried to call the police but were unable to find the "11" on the phone.

Anonymous said...

The Alamo mythology is still alive in benighted Texas.