Friday, September 23, 2011

Everybody's Gettin' into da Act

Your Houston News: With an estimated 2.6 million feral hogs causing millions of dollars in urban and rural property damage across the Lone Star State each year, Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples on Wednesday kicked off the annual statewide Hog Out Challenge. The challenge, which runs through Dec. 31, calls upon Texas counties to step up efforts to decrease the state’s feral hog population. The deadline for counties to enter the challenge is Sept. 30.

“Not only are feral hogs a costly nuisance to agricultural operations and wildlife habitats, but they are increasingly finding their way into urban areas and destroying residents’ yards, public parks, golf courses and more,” Commissioner Staples said. “On my ranch in East Texas, I have eliminated a number of hogs and I am asking Texans around the state to step up and join the Hog Out Challenge to learn about feral hogs and how best to legally hunt and trap them. These hogs are capable of breeding twice a year and besides wreaking havoc on property, they also can pose a health threat to humans through disease and automobile accidents.”

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