Thursday, September 22, 2011

No Comment Department

Amazon and OverDrive Roll Out Kindle Books to Libraries: Amazon and OverDrive, the Cleveland-based company that is the major distributor of ebooks to the library market, announced today that more than 11,000 U.S. public and school libraries in the OverDrive network should have compatibility with Amazon's Kindle ereader within days. The long-awaited rollout, first announced in April, will end the notable absence of the popular Kindle device from library ebook lending.


Gerard said...

To be clear, this is only ebooks already owned by libraries and only books available through Overdrive. Readers cannot pick and choice from Amazon offerings.

The news is that Kindles will now interact and work with Overdrive.

I.J.Parker said...

There is some money for authors in this, right?

Unknown said...

Millions, no doubt.

Gerard said...

There's money. My consortium already bought two of Crider's westerns.
- Opening the ebooks up to more reading devices should drive up circulation.
- Increasing circulation will increase the money going into ebooks.
- Ebooks money will go the publishers.
- The publishers will...okay, maybe authors should keep their day jobs.

What I'm hoping for is further publishers and authors signing up with Overdrive. Overdrive has a massive chunk of the library market but many titles - especially ebook only titles - are not yet available through them.

Unknown said...

Yes, I'm glad my publisher is signed up with Overdrive.