Monday, August 08, 2011

10 Action Stars that Actually Fought Competitively

10 Action Stars that Actually Fought Competitively


Cap'n Bob said...

The lists just says they did their own stunts. I didn't see anything about having fought competitively.

Anonymous said...

That was my take, Cap'n. Saying Stallone did his own (so-called) fighting in the movies is not the same as fighting competitively, unless you call Rocky vs. Apollo Creed as "fighting competitively" - which I certainly don't.


Brent McKee said...

I remember when Sammo Hung appeared on Norris's "Walker Texas Ranger" as part of a cross-over with his show "Martial Law." I kept waiting for Sammo to kick Chuck's ass. Sammo may be heavier but by that time Chuck was slower and largely beating people with that flying roundhouse kick. Sammo mave have been heavy but he was lightning fast.