Tuesday, August 09, 2011

I've Visited Two of Them

6 Ancient Things That Were Probably Built By Aliens - Topless Robot: "Okay, I'm going to straight up tell you I might be lying with the title of this daily list. Because these structures (all real) that I'm going to list may have been built by aliens but they may also have been built by ancient peoples with technologies that were influenced by aliens, mostly because we can't figure out how they did it. At all."


Anonymous said...

Darn - I was sure "Donald Trump's Hair" would be on that list.


Jerry House said...

And the current Congress.

WV: fakey

Cap'n Bob said...

The alien theory falls apart for me when I consider that all this stuff was made of stone. Aliens could have processed ore and built things from metal.

Graham Powell said...

My theory? Once ancient civilizations learned advanced technology such as "agriculture", they had lots of free time on their hands.