Monday, May 23, 2011

Innocents Lost

In my previous post I forgot to mention something that I should have. If you came to this movie without having seen the commercials for it, you'd probably have figured out where it was going pretty quickly. If you'd seen the commercials, you wouldn't have to. The commercials were the movie. They showed every crucial scene, including the two final ones. No wonder I don't watch much TV these days.


Todd Mason said...

Well, sounds like it was a pretty weak film...perhaps that's all they felt was compelling (or that it didn't warrant doing a better job).

Pity. I missed that it was coming, and flipped by it for a minute.

Michael E. Stamm said...

I like Tom Selleck, and I enjoyed the first two or three Jesse Stone TV-movies (and would kill for a copy of the soundtrack CD). The ensemble cast is excellent. This one I caught only the second half of. Even so, I (a) figured out what was going on very quickly and (b) couldn't really make myself care. Weak script, weak direction...I kinda hope they don't make any more.