Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Hyenas -- Joe R. Lansdale

Wow, it seems like only the other day that I was reviewing a new Hap and Leonard novel by Joe Lansdale. Oh. It was just the other day. Okay. Anyway, Hyenas isn't a novel. It's a novella, 91 pages, and the pages are small. Who cares? It's Hap and Leonard, doing what they do best. The opening sequence, as often in these stories, is hilarious, and hearing Joe read it at the World Horror Convention was a treat.

The story involves a young man in trouble. He's mixed up with some really bad folks, and his brother, who's had a recent problem with Leonard and knows what he can do, asks Hap and Leonard for help in extracting his brother from the mess. Hilarity and violence ensue. Are you surprised?

The slim volume also includes Lansdale's short story "The Boy Who Became Invisible."


Charles Gramlich said...

Bad folks? In a Lansdale novel? Say it ain't so. :)

Bud said...

Hearing Joe Lansdale read or tell a story or just talk is always a treat!