Thursday, May 12, 2011

Dolores Fuller, R. I. P.

Elvis songwriter, Ed Wood's muse Dolores Fuller dies at 88 - News - "Dolores Fuller, whose eclectic and offbeat career touched cult-movie bases from Elvis to Ed Wood, died Monday at her Las Vegas home. She was 88.

Stepdaughter Susan Chamberlin told the Los Angeles Times that Fuller died after a long illness.

Her most famous association was with Elvis Presley movies, for which she co-wrote 13 songs, including 'Rock-a-Hula Baby' for 'Blue Hawaii.'

In 1994, however, the bad-movie cult that had been circling 1950s cross-dressing director Wood culminated in Tim Burton directing an 'Ed Wood' movie bio starring Johnny Depp. Sarah Jessica Parker was cast in a role based on Fuller, who was Wood's muse and leading lady in oddities such as 'Glen or Glenda.'"

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Bud said...

Dr. C: You are a fountain of knowledge. I thought I knew this stuff pretty well, but I had no idea!
Thanks to you and the other regulars commenting herein for sharing. I'll always be a novice compared to y'all, but it's great fun!