Sunday, April 10, 2011

PimPage: An Occasional Feature in Which I Call Interesting Books to Your Attention

Like Regency romances? Like crime novels with intriguing protagonists? Then check out Where Shadows Dance, the latest in C. J. Harris's series about Sebastian St. Cyr. It has body snatchers, not to mention intriguing premise: how can you solve a murder that you can't tell anyone about?

Here's more: "July of 1812 is a tense time for England, with Napoleon having invaded Russia and America threatening to declare war against Britain. In the high echelons that Sebastian St. Cyr inhabits, a dangerous world of intrigue and diplomacy, he has access to the colorful players of this international game—including a British under-secretary with a frightening lack of a moral compass, a dashing Russian colonel, and a Turkish ambassador and his seductive wife. Meanwhile, Sebastian’s good friend Dr. Paul Gibson asks for his help. A cadaver he has illegally obtained for medical research reveals that the man was murdered by a stiletto to the base of his skull, yet Paul can’t go to the authorities without placing himself in jeopardy. As Sebastian makes discreet inquiries about the victim, Alexander Ross, a rising star in the foreign office, he also faces a new challenge in his personal life—Hero Jarvis, daughter of Sebastian’s powerful nemesis Lord Jarvis, has finally agreed to marry him. Theirs is a match based not on love but on the need to provide for the future of the child Sebastian and Hero conceived in a moment of weakness when they believed they both faced certain death. About to be married quickly and quietly, the two must learn to negotiate their new life as husband and wife, which inevitably means investigating together when a second victim is found, also killed by stiletto, a mysterious American with whom Ross met on the day of his death. As Hero and Sebastian circle closer to the truth, unmasking a sordid diplomatic game of cross and double cross, Hero is kidnapped...and Sebastian embarks on a desperate chase to catch a killer and save his new bride."

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