Friday, April 15, 2011

Once Again, Texas Leads the Way

TREASURES ONCE LOST - Texas Thunderboxes: "Chances are you've never used one, but all this month some of the prettiest outhouses in Texas are on display in downtown San Antonio .

The ' Thunderbox Road ' art exhibit is going on at the Menger Hotel. There are 12 full-sized 'Thunderboxes' or outhouses painted and decorated in true Texas style."

Great photos at the link.
Hat tip to Wayne Dundee.


Randy Johnson said...

That first line doesn't apply to me. Growing up, that was our primary "reading" room in my early years.

Jerry House said...

A Texas "starter" home - two rooms and a path.

Kent Morgan said...

How would you like to use one in a North of the 53rd Parallel winter? Not one of my most pleasant memories. You didn't spend any time reading the newspaper.

Cap'n Bob said...

Twice a year, for five days at a stretch, that's the only convenience available for me and a few others. Two words: baby wipes.

wayne d. dundee said...

Growing up, I spent my share of time in these ol' "two-holers" as we used to call them. Reading material was essential. In the summertime you wanted a good magazine at hand to swat away the wasps; in the winter you might need the kindling to start a fire for the sake of keeping your personal pipes from freezing. Along those lines, I remember that my paternal grandmother had an outhouse with some sort of felt covering over the seats so that, in the winter, sitting on it was a pure pleasure compared to the cold, frosted-over rough wood seat back home. I remember wishing (since indoor plumbing seemed too far out of reach to even consider) that some day my folks could afford some of that nifty felt covering ... Everything in life, as they say, is relative.