Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Happy Birthday, Bill Pronzini

It's the birthday of a mystery-writing Grandmaster, and the tributes are rolling in. Here's one from Ed Gorman. And one from the Rap Sheet. And the Bunburyist. I've been enjoying Pronzini's books for so long that I don't even like to think about it, and I was even lucky enough long ago to get him to contribute to Mass Market American Publishing a book on paperback history that I edited 30 years ago. A terrific guy, a great collector, a man who knows more about pulps and paperback history than just about anybody, an MWA Grandmaster, and one of the best crime writers around. Happy birthday!

(I would have used a scan of a Peter Jensen book, but I don't have one.)


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday indeed.

I have that same book, signed of course.


Unknown said...

Mine's signed, too. Do you have Three's a Sandwich by Peter Jensen?

Laurie Powers said...

I said it over at Ed Gorman's blog, but I'll say it here to - Happy Birthday to Bill! His SIX GUN IN CHEEK is a treasured book in my library.

Cap'n Bob said...

I, too, commented on Ed's blog. I'll say this much so I don't repeat myself: Bill has done more for the mystery world than just about anybody around.

Anonymous said...

No on the Jensen book.


George said...

I think Art Scott has a copy of THREE'S A SANDWICH.