Monday, January 03, 2011

No Comment Department

ESPN Broadcaster Ron Franklin Pulled From Air After Calling Colleague 'Sweetcakes,’ ‘A–Hole’: "“Why don’t you leave this to the boys, sweetcakes,” Franklin told her.

“Don’t call me sweetcakes, I don’t like being talked to like that,” Edwards responded.

Franklin then said, “OK then, a**hole.”"


Richard R. said...

The language police in full cry. Of course this never would have even been reported or had any consequences if she had called him those names.

Todd Mason said...

Less the language per se than the bullying, Rick.

Cap'n Bob said...

He was an idiot, but I can't think of a less necessary member of a football broadcast team than the sideline person.

Deb said...

I disagree with Richard--I believe this would have been reported if the roles had been reversed and she had called him as an a**hole. Although, based on his personality as revealed in this exchange, I suspect it would have been fully justified on her part.

/Agree with Todd re the bullying.