Monday, November 01, 2010

Unpublished Authors, Take Note

The kind of story you'd have to write is explained at the link.

Short Story Opportunity: "The details are important, so please read this carefully... IF YOU ARE AN UNPUBLISHED AUTHOR, you may send one (1) submission via email to between January 25th and February 1, 2011. Stories that come before or after those dates will be rejected out of hand. Stories must be in standard manuscript format, and in either Microsoft Word or RTF. I will accept ONLY the first twenty-five (25) stories submitted to me. Should that happen prior to February 1, I will announce that here on the blog and on Facebook. Any questions should be sent to me via email.

Let me repeat, I'm looking for submissions from UNPUBLISHED AUTHORS. For my purposes here, I mean that you have not previously sold a short story (or novel) in a professional paying market, as defined by SFWA."

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