Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Catch of the Day

Toddler survives seven-floor fall in France - Yahoo! News: "An 18-month-old boy survived after falling seven floors and bouncing off a Paris cafe awning into the arms of a passer-by, witnesses said Tuesday.

'My son saw a little boy on a balcony. He had gone right outside the railing... I said to myself I mustn't miss him,' the toddler's saviour, local doctor Philippe Bensignor, told AFP, recounting Monday's drama."


Anonymous said...

Did you ever see Truffaut's Small Change. Jackie always talks about the scene where a baby falls out a window and lands safely on the grass several floors below and happily crawls away.

Life imitates art.


Jerry House said...

In my mind's eye, he catches the toddler, spikes it and does a touchdown dance.