Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Never Assume

I was a member of the Hard Case Crime Book Club at Dorchester. I joined up at the beginning so I could get each Hard Case Crime book as it was published. I assumed that the book club would come to an end since Hard Case was no longer with Dorchester. I was wrong.

In yesterday's mail I received a package just like those I'd been getting, except that the return address says "Hardboiled Book Club" instead of "Hard Case Crime." What was inside the package? A paperback copy of Robert B. Parker's Perish Twice, a Sunny Randall paperback from 2001. Not only did Dorchester switch me to a new club without asking, but I was sent a paperback that's nine years old.

To Dorchester's credit, canceling the membership was easy.


Randy Johnson said...

I haven't gotten one yet, but some of the folks have been discussing it on Goodreads. I went ahead and canceled my membership as well.

MP said...

I was a member of the Horror Book Club. Their last shipment to me was a novel by Sarah Langan I already had and a ten year old novel by Chuck Hogan that I didn't want. I called and canceled, which was easy. But I also told them that given their deception I had no intention of either paying for or returning the books. I was told it would be turned over to a collection agency, but then the Dorchester rep, who was actually quite nice, said she'd just write me off.