Thursday, September 30, 2010


Peter Held (Jack Vance), Take My Face, Pyramid 1958.


Todd Mason said...

How is this as a novel? I've barely explored Vance's cf at all.

George said...

This is one of those "holy grail" books for Jack Vance fans: very scarce and very pricey.

Unknown said...

Todd, I haven't read it. I've read some of the other crime novels and loved 'em.

George, I have only the pb, not the hc edition.

Steve Oerkfitz said...

Next year Subterranean Press is putting out a collection of 3 of Jack Vance's mysteries. Doesn't include this one tho.
Man In The Cage(Edgar winner)
Deadly Isles
Bad Ronald

Anders E said...

I have the Swedish 1959 translation, and I recall liking it a great deal. Ah, BAD RONALD. haven't read it, but I saw the TV adaption, and like for everyone else it's stuck in my memory even 30 years later.

Unknown said...

I've had BAD RONALD since publication, but I haven't read it.