Wednesday, September 29, 2010

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Technolog - Texting-while-driving bans don't reduce crashes, institute says: "Text messaging-while-driving bans have not resulted in a reduction in crashes, and may even be 'ineffective,' according to a new report from the Highway Loss Data Institute.

If anything, the institute said, in states where texting while driving is illegal, there appears to be a 'slight increase in the frequency of insurance claims filed under collision coverage for damage to vehicles in crashes.' The finding is based on the institute's comparisons of claims in four states — California, Washington, Minnesota and Louisiana — before and after texting bans took effect, compared with patterns of claims in nearby states.

It could be that drivers who continue to text while driving are doing it more surreptitiously, hiding their phones from view of other drivers and law enforcement, increasing the risk of an accident even more, the institute says."

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