Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Gene Hackman, Western Writer

Gene Hackman Lands Book Deal for Western - mediabistro.com: GalleyCat: "Actor Gene Hackman has sealed a deal to publish his next novel with Pocket Books. Entitled Jubal's Bounty, the new Western takes place in 19th century of New Mexico--recounting the adventures of 'a brave young hero who is forced to take the law into his own hands after the murder of his family.'"

Hat tip to Fred Zackel.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like one of the Crider westerns to me.


Unknown said...

Except much, much more profitable.

Gerard Saylor said...

Does Hackman write his own novels or does he hire James Reasoner?

Cap'n Bob said...

Hack-man? I dare not say whom I suspect. I can tell you I don't suspect Gene.