Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Kids Still Like Books

In Scholastic Study, Children Like Digital Reading - "Many children want to read books on digital devices and would read for fun more frequently if they could obtain e-books. But even if they had that access, two-thirds of them would not want to give up their traditional print books."

Hat tip to Jeff Meyerson.


lastromantic49 said...

Yeah, I'm sort of caught between the technologies myself. I do love paper books. Ask my partner! I'm in the middle of weeding out my considerable collection, most of which is currently in storage, to try and fit my shrinking living space. I'm a constant reader; bathroom, kitchen table, bed, airplane. Books just seem to be easier on my eyes and more portable.
That being said, I have taken to using my laptop to read in restaurants (if eating alone.) I do appreciate Scribd, Project Gutenberg, et al. where I can read and download all sorts of classics and reading matter. No shelf space required, just hard or flash drive.
I'd be more likely to get a Kindle if it could download from all those sites and not just specific ones.
But, I hope the printed page is around for a long long time. On recycled paper, of course!

Fred Blosser said...

My junior high school offered the Scholastic Book Service. The catalog with new selections came every month. First book I ordered from them was EDGAR ALLAN POE'S 10 GREAT MYSTERIES, edited by Groff Conklin.