Monday, August 23, 2010

The Wankh Awards

Only the smuttiest book title can win the battle of the Wankhs | Books | "The Wankh awards shall be named in honour of that classic of science-fiction, Jack Vance's Servants of the Wankh. The 1969 novel, the second in Vance's Tschai quartet, has had to battle a barrage of titters over the past half-century, thanks to its title. In Vance's world, the Wankh are one of four warring races who inhabit a distant planet. In the Britain of saucy postcards, Carry On movies and Benny Hill, they are a cause for such hilarity that later editions were edited to change the titular alien race to 'Wannek'."

Hat tip to SF Signal.


George said...

Oh, those British twits! What a bunch of wankers.

Juri said...

There's an old Finnish science fiction juvenile called Wan-King, the Master of Men (or some such).