Monday, August 23, 2010

Once Again, Texas Leads the Way

Turn off gadgets, tune into loved ones | Religion | - Houston Chronicle: "Chris Shook is as technology-dependent as most. If she accidentally leaves the house without her cell phone, she'll turn around to get it rather than spend a few hours feeling naked without it.

She and her husband, pastor Kerry Shook, founded one of Houston's most tech-savvy congregations, Woodlands Church, where members can tweet questions during services, interact on their own social networking site and even attend worship services at its 'digital campus' online.

On Wednesday, though, they're asking the church's 17,000-plus attendees to do the unthinkable: turn off their laptops, iPods and cell phones, and take a break from technology.

They're calling it a National Facebook Fast. For a whole day, the Shooks want people to swap digital communication for face time with family and friends."


Caroline Clemmons said...

This is a great idea! Hope it catches on. Face-to-face time is better than technology's contacts. I'm glad we have email and all the gadgets, but it's a mistake to let them replace face-to-face friends. I hope you won't mind if I use your blog as info for mine. This is good stuff today! Of course, I always enjoy it, but this is one of my soap box items. LOL

Bill Crider said...

Take all you want. That's what I do!