Monday, July 19, 2010

A. O. Scott Reviews a Favorite of Mine

Critics' Picks: 'Rio Bravo' - Video Library - The New York Times

You have to sit through a brief commercial, but this guy's on my wavelength.


George said...

I've enjoyed A. O. Scott (no relation to our Art Scott) and his film commentaries for years. He sure nails RIO BRAVO.

Anonymous said...

aaOne of the all time greats. How can you go wrong with Ricky Nelson and Walter Brennan? And Ricky singing with Dean Martin!


Ron Scheer said...

Enjoyed the review. Wayne and Brennan are fine in this movie. And I can't complain about Angie Dickenson. But I could never buy Dean Martin in a western, especially playing his alcoholic routine, which was part of his modern-day persona.

Ricky Nelson managed to establish his own identity after all those years with mom and dad on TV, but he's still a teen idol in a cowboy hat here - and a gunslinger?

Steve Oerkfitz said...

Have to agree with Ron. I never found Dean Martin believable in a western. And the musical numbers always struck me as out of place and hokey.

Bill Crider said...

As I may have mentioned before, the best musical number was cut from the movie. "The Restless Kid." Johnny Cash wrote it and Ricky sang it. Too bad it didn't make it into the final version.