Monday, July 19, 2010

Life Imitates "Art"

BBC News - Moonshine 'tempts new generation': "Making and selling moonshine is outlawed in every US state and the police treat distilling liquor without a license as a serious crime.

But while official figures are hard to come by, experts believe as many as a million Americans could be breaking the law by making moonshine - also known as white lightning and white dog."


Gerard Saylor said...

I read Moonshine! by Matthew Rowley a few months ago. Rowley wrote a neat history of shine, it's culture, and it's influence on culture. I had been thinking of trying to distill until I learned that:
1. It's illegal.
2. It's real expensive to start up.
3. It's too time consuming.
4. It takes skill and experience to make anything worth sipping.
5. It's easier to buy bottled scotch.

Cap'n Bob Napier said...

And then there's the expense of all those Mason jars.

Deb said...

In the early seventies, I was in junior high school in coastal Georgia. Our school's intake area included a lot of rural land and every year we had a Federal agent come and talk to us about the dangers of moonshine (once we even received rulers with "Moonshine Kills" on them). I couldn't figure it out until someone enlightened me that a lot of the more rural students still lived in homes where Dad or Grandad was running an illegal still out in the back.