Friday, July 23, 2010

‘Burn Notice’ -- the Prequel

‘Burn Notice’ prequel movie announced | The Hollywood Reporter | Live Feed: "A 'Burn Notice' prequel movie announcement starring fan-favorite Bruce Campbell was big news at the USA series panel, which kicked things off on the television side at Comic-Con on Thursday in Ballroom 20.

The prequel will be an action-adventure story set before the start of 'Burn Notice' that follows Sam on a mission in Latin America. USA and Fox TV Studios will partner on the production, with filming likely to take place in Latin America between 'Burn Notice' Seasons 4 and 5."


George said...

Although I've abandoned BURN NOTICE on USA, I'll go see this. Love the cast, hate the writing. What a waste of good talent.

Anonymous said...

Much as I love Bruce Campbell, as Jackie pointed out how is he going to play a younger, presumably thinner, version of Sam?


Gerard Saylor said...

Bruce Campbell can do no wrong. My faith was shaken when he ran away from Guan-Di but Mr. Campbell redeemed himself.

Anonymous said...

BUBBA HO-TEP was good but I think my favorite is still EVIL DEAD II, the "talking to the mirror scene".