Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Bounty Killer -- Marvin H. Albert

Marvin H. Albert is one of those underrated paperback writers that more people ought to be reading. I've touted him before and I'm sure I've mentioned that wrote westerns, crime novels, thrillers, historical mysteries, private-eye novels, and movie novelizations under his own name as well as Al Conroy, Ian McAlister, Mike Barone, and a few others. I've found his books consistently good, and The Bounty Killer is no exception.

The title character is Luke Chilson, and while he's a bounty hunter, he's no killer. He's on the trail of a real killer named Burt Faradin and his gang, and when they take over a town, nobody sides with Chilson. They don't like bounty hunters. By the time they realize their mistake, it's almost too late.

The way Albert works out the story is interesting because before it's over [BIG TIME SPOILER], Chilson's had his arm broken and his gun-hand mangled. There are only a couple of gunfights in the book, which, believe it or not, is more character-driven than most people expect in a paperback western. Harry Whittington was good at t this kind of book. Albert is right there with him. If you like westerns and haven't read any by Albert, you're missing a good thing.


August West said...

The first book that I read by Marvin Albert was "Murder in Room 13" (penned under Albert Conroy)and I was hooked. Also, I realized that I stumbled upon a special author. I also enjoyed his early Westerns, especially "The Law and Jake Wade" & "Posse a High Pass." I'm also a big fan of the Jake Barrow P.I. series and the four Ian MacAlister thrillers.

Thanks Bill, It's nice to see posts about Mr. Albert.

Unknown said...

I'm surprised he's not mentioned more often in blogs. His stuff is really good.

Randy Johnson said...

This is one I've missed, but have read a number pf other of his westerns. I guess I should look it up.

George said...

I've admired Marvin H. Albert's work for decades. Every one of the books I've read feature interesting characters and compelling plots. Albert wrote private eye novels under the Tony Rome pseudonym and Mafia novels as "Nick Quarry." Writers who can write successfully across genres--westerns, private eye novels, adventure novels--like Albert could are solid professionals.

Ron Scheer said...

Always interested in writers' film credits. Here are some of Marvin Albert's:

The Don Is Dead (1973)
Lady in Cement (1968)
A Twist of Sand (1968)
Tony Rome (1967)
Rough Night in Jericho (1967)
The Ugly Ones (1967)
Duel at Diablo (1966)
Bullet for a Badman (1964)
The Law and Jake Wade (1958)

Unknown said...

I believe ROUGH NIGHT IN JERICO was based on one of his "Al Conroy" westerns for Dell.

Dan said...

I really wanted to like Marvin H. Albert. I saw the movie TONY ROME when I was a child of 17 and imediately sought out the book, but somehow the prose just lay there on the page. Perhaps I should try him again?

Unknown said...

First impressions are usually correct. If you didn't like him then, you probably won't now.

Logicus said...

I've been looking for a book about a bank robber named Sam Ward, whose wife is named Susan. I read it in Swedish when I was about ten, i. e. 1959, and now I suspect it was a novel by Marvin H Albert turned into the movie "Bullet for a badman" released 1964.

Was the title of the novel the same?

And what year was it published?

Would be greatful for an answer.



Unknown said...

The name of the novel is RENEGADE POSSE. It was published by Gold Medal books (paperback original) in 1958.

Logicus said...

Thanks a million. Priceless information. Now I just have to find out the Swedish title and try to buy me a copy.

I think the Swedish title had something with Yuma (prison) in it.



P.S. Will be checking out your terrific blog again.