Friday, July 02, 2010



Randy Johnson said...

One of my favorite movies. And books.

Ron Scheer said...

Strange movie. Newman tries thinking like an Indian and the logic leads to some peculiar plot turns. I've watched it twice recently and can't figure out the ending.

If it's supposed to be that his character "snaps out of it" and "acts like a white man," then what happens to his argument all along that whites are cruel oppressors of the Indians? If it's just that he decides it's "a good day to die," what makes him decide that?

Gar Haywood said...

Great movie. Needs to be on every "Movies for Men" list.

Ron, I don't get your confusion. Isn't it just that he can't figure out any way to save the captive white woman other than to make a play likely to end in his own death? Not sure I see how such chivalry is particularly "white" or "Indian."