Monday, May 03, 2010

Lynn Redgrave, R. I. P.

Lynn Redgrave, 67, Is Dead - ArtsBeat Blog - "Lynn Redgrave, the theater, film and television actress and scion of the Redgrave acting clan, has died. She was 67. The death was confirmed by her publicist, Rick Miramontez, who said that Ms. Redgrave died Sunday night at her home in Kent, Conn. A cause of death was not immediately given."


Donna said...

That's a shock. Sixty seven isn't old. And it's not that long after her niece died in that freak skiing accident.

Deb said...

And her older brother, Corin Redgrave (an actor, although not as well-known as Lynn and Vanessa) died just a month or so ago.

Anonymous said...

Can you believe? Can you believe?! - my father is 67 until his birthday August of this year.

Rather young; more of the sad news!