Monday, May 03, 2010

For Ed Gorman

Jimmy Wakely - Comic Book Cowboys, by Boyd Magers: "Slightly different in approach from other cowboy comics based on western film stars, Jimmy was picturized as being a western movie actor who, off camera, gets involved with adventures in both the modern and real West; the editors didn’t seem to care which as long as it was a good story. The opening page in issue #1 (Sept./Oct. ‘49) even mentions Monogram, and many stories feature directors, cameramen and leading ladies (all of them fictional)."

Lots more info and a sample page from the comic at the link.


Ed Gorman said...

Any comic book story that mentions Monogram Pictures is OK with me! Almost as good as (very old Hwood gag) Miracle Pictures--if it's good, it's a Miracle! THANKS, Bill Ed

Anonymous said...

DC took the same approach with their Adventures of Alan Ladd comic, though they didn't go so far as to have Alan standing on a box in every panel.
Art Scott

Dan said...

The Western Actor comics took off mostly after the series themselves had folded and been sold to TV. Tex Ritter, Hoppy, Rocky Lane et al were enshrined in comics, mostly thanks to television