Thursday, April 29, 2010

Who Says Hollywood is Out of Ideas?

Magic 8 Ball to Become an Action-Adventure Movie | "Now that every single toy is being turned into a feature film (Battleship, Ouija Board), Paramount Pictures has decided that it's the perfect time for a Magic 8 Ball movie. The studio separated from Shadyac and assigned its former production chief Brad Weston to head up the project.

NY Magazine has learned that the plan is to turn the Magic 8 Ball into an action-adventure movie similar to 'National Treasure.' And Weston has already hired screenwriters Jon Gunn and John Mann (Mercy Streets, Boo U.) to pen the script."


Deb said...

Q: "Does Magic 8-Ball have a chance of being a good movie?"

(Shakes Magic 8-Ball.)

A: "Outlook not so good."

Unknown said...

Excellent prediction, Magic 8 Ball!