Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Top 10 Comedy Teams of All Time

Top 10 Comedy Teams of All Time - Listverse


Todd Mason said...

"Comedy seems to work best when done in groups."

No. Not that groups/teams/troupes aren't among the best comedians, but that solo performers are as well.

And then comes one of the most, we shall charitably put it, eclectic lists that could be assembled.

Gar Haywood said...

Martin and Lewis four places higher than Laurel and Hardy.


Comedy might be subjective, but THAT'S ridiculous.

Cap'n Bob said...

I'd remove Martin and Lewis and add Burns and Allen.

Max Allan Collins said...

It's a pretty good list, but a few selections are odd. Comedy teams are usually duos or trios or brother acts like the Marxes and Ritzes, whereas Monty Python is a comedy troope, like SCTV, and wonderful apples amid these lovely oranges.

These lists are inherently pointless B.S., but anybody who doesn't think Martin & Lewis belong I just feel sorry for. But I probably would agree that Laurel and Hardy should be higher up. Burns and Allen were great, too.

I love Amos 'n' Andy, and was pleased and shocked to see them included. But they are also a tad out of place -- they were pretty much strictly radio comics. Their only feature-length film sucked and they rarely did personal appearances. And the TV duo of Tim Moore and Spencer Williams (Kingfish and Andy, not Amos and Andy) were funnier than Gosden and Correll, though all were geniuses.

Meanwhile, I'll go watch my blu-ray boxed set of the great Frick and Frack films....