Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekend Videos – Top Rated Shows 1950-54

I Am A Child Of Television: Weekend Videos – Top Rated Shows 1950-54

Disclaimer: The link goes to a post inspired by something I linked to here a few days ago. It's a nice response to the article I linked to, although most of it doesn't really deal with the article at all. Well worth a look, especially for you old guys who get nostalgic about the TV shows of your youth. Even better, it's going to be a regular feature of Brent McKee's blog.


pattinase (abbott) said...

Although I was only four, I remember most of these. I was surely a child of TV--before anyone knew watching it was bad for kids.

Unknown said...

Bad? Look how you turned out. Not so bad, I'd say.

Anonymous said...

Wow. What was the last show that had 67.8% of the audience?

Granted, there were only about 37 television sets then....

I only remember them in reruns, of course, being way too young.

But seriously, did you ever think of how we were formed - perhaps warped - by some of what we watched? Yes, there was FATHER KNOWS BEST and other shows of the sort, but we also had Froggy the Gremlin on ANDY'S GANG, Eddie Haskell on LEAVE IT TO BEAVER, some truly warped cartoons, The Three Stooges, etc.


Unknown said...

Reruns. Right.