Friday, April 16, 2010


Bonds: 'Oversharing' Invades the Office - "It's official: The TMI phenomenon—as in 'too much information'—has invaded the workplace. You can thank reality TV and social-networking Web sites for creating a culture where people are encouraged to share every sordid—or boring—detail of their lives. They have desensitized us to the idea that some things are meant to be private."

Hat tip to Stephen Blotner.


Stephen B said...

tip to Alisa L (in Austin) - her friend posted this excellent bit!

Richard R. said...

I'm so shocked that ANYONE could possibly have too much information...why not be connected 24/7+, who needs any quiet time, to concentrate, to ponder life, to even think at all...just keep those thumbs in motion and those earbuds tightly screwed in!