Wednesday, April 14, 2010

No Comment Department

It Would Take 300 Years to Read All the Vampire Books at Target.

Photographic proof at the link.


Richard R. said...

That's about the same amount of time it would take to read all the books here in the house. Well, the unread ones. Yikes!

As for vampire books, I guess anything that gets them reading... There's not a lot of redeeming value in those books, but neither is there in the Mike Shayne I read last week. Fun, though

Deb said...

In our junior high school library, in addition to the TWILIGHT series, the most popular vampire series are: EVERNIGHT, VLADIMIR TOD, VAMPIRE KISSES (enormously popular--there's even a manga version), THIRST, and WAKE.

Unknown said...

And yet A Vampire Named Fred was ignominiously remaindered.

Anonymous said...

A VAMPIRE NAMED FRED was a classic!

Anyway, if George was reading this list, it would only take about three months.