Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bad Juju -- Jonathan Woods

Jonathan Woods his is own take on noir, and this short story collection is pretty much guaranteed to be unlike anything else you'll read this week. Or month. Or, probably, year. There's nothing conventional or usual about any of them. Some of them, in fact, are almost surreal, like a fever dream of noir.

Sex, murder, killers, and con men? All present and accounted for, along with assorted lunatics, lawmen, and lawyers. I'd describe the stories themselves, but it's almost impossible. I'll just say that my favorite was the last (and longest) in the book, "No Way, Jose." It brings together one of the oddest assortments of characters you're likely to find one one place, along with enough plot for a full-length novel. All you can do is fasten your seat belt and wait to find out who lives and who dies. Heads roll.

The next time you're looking for something really different, pick up a copy of Bad Juju. It has the goods.

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Anonymous said...

Love the cover!